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Teacher's Commentary 1

Topic picture (extract) to "Ball in a well" from Vol.1

"Indispensable is the inclusion of the separate teacher's commentary in which every individual "topic picture", i.e. each turned-up page is described in regard to didactic questions. (...) In this way an integral experience of music is given."

Wolters - Handbuch der Klavierliteratur

"So, the teacher's commentary includes an excellent basic chapter about conditions and ways of teaching piano in groups."

Ulrich Mahlert - Musik im Diskurs

"The teacher's commentary proves the wide spectrum of didactic approaches and should absolutely be included."

Schweizer Musikzeitung

Table of content - Teacher's commentary 1


I. The conception of Vol.1
bzgl. scales, rhythm and bars,
notation, movements of playing, improvisation, playing songs,
voice, movement
, materials

II. ... for 2-8 hands
1. Considerations of teaching piano in groups
2. Preliminary conditions for teaching piano in groups
3. Places und forms of playing in group teaching on two pianos
4. Forms of playing in rooms with 1 piano
5. How long can a group stay together?
6. How discipline problems arise and how you can avoid them?
7. Possible teaching forms after the 1. year

III. The topic pictures
to all 37 pieces of Vol.1 (s.a.)

IV. and at home ...
playing piano at home, parents' evenings, talks with parents

V. Appendix: copy models for subject materials