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from Teacher's Commentary 2

Topic picture (extract) to "A bridge over the main" from Vol.2

Table of content - Teacher's Commentary 2


I. The conception of Vol.2
bzgl. scales, rhythm and bars (measure), notation, time, dynamics, articulation, pedal, improvisation,
playing / accompagnying songs,
polyphonic playing, movements of playing, voice, movement, materials

II. ... für 2-4 Hände
1. Considerations of teaching two pupils on two pianos
2. Places and forms of
playing in partner lessons on two pianos
3. What individual teaching can learn from teaching partners
4. The following lessons: methodic and didactic inner distinction in group lessons
5. Problems? - Basics for a successful teaching in groups

III. The topic pictures
to all 36 pieces of Vol.2

Postscript - a prospect