Examples from: 1 2 3 KLAVIER  Vol.1

Hokus Pokus
magic spell for two hands mirrored and parallel on black twin-keys, rhythm notated, pitches fixed with key-picture
snake melody with accompaniment in mirror, in the second part with decreasing amplitude

Tanz der wilden Pferde
Um Mitternacht
minor-hit from Gerda Bächli made of three simple melody-patterns, with bordun-accompaniment in variations (2. page)
character piece of staccato-motif in f-lydian over/under lying cluster-sounds, with big contrast in dynamic

Bärenband Swingende Elefanten
well-known melody with new text, so that every verse gets a new variant of accompaniment - only the canonic beginning rests constant blue notes and swinging quavers, accompanied with fifths, sixths and fourth-sounds

Content of 1 2 3 KLAVIER  Vol.1 
 1  Come in!
 2  Hokus pokus
 3  Lightning and thunderstorm
 4  The street-musician
 5  Fog-sounds
 6  Eulen-Spiegelei
 7  The super-gigantic-twisting-snake
 8  The secret is raised
 9  The frog
10 Good night
11 Ball in a well
12 Double lolloping
13 … from grandfathers songbook I
     Summ, summ, summ
     Kuckoo, kuckoo
     Hänsel and Gretel
14 Jingle Bells
15 Dance of the wild horses
16 The Snake-charmer
17 On midnight
18 The band of the bears
19 The musical clock
20 Indian dance
21 Joggl, Beppo and the stupid August
22 The pausejasper
23 The secret of the black keys
24 The ant-hill
25 Come and let us dance, spring!
26 Thaler, thaler, you must wander
27 … from grandfathers songbook II
     The marriage of the birds
     The cuckoo and the donkey   
     Hopp, hopp, hopp
28 Sparrowsalad
29 The strange sound-machine
30 Kasimir, the marionette
31 The monkey-swing
32 The swinging elefants
33 Hoot-concert
34 Music of the waves
35 TwoFive-One
36 Cocoa
37 We're sailing over the far sea
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