Examples from: 1 2 3 KLAVIER  Vol.2

Walzer in d
character piece and improvisation in oriental scale, ostinato-accompaniment, cresc.-decresc., ...
blue notes, blues-scheme, and a story from the school ...
impressive minor-waltz with ambitious sound-balance

Oh when the Saints
patterns for song-accompaniment: keynotes, chords as accords (held or in rhythm) swinging melody over ostinate walking-bass, with dramatic raising in fourths ...
lively gavotte which needs fine articulation (and independance of both hands)

 1   Anew!
 2   Hoppla hopp
 3   A hen
 4   Altitude flight
 5   The marriage of the birds
 6   Sounds of cavees
 7   Brother John
 8   Camel-caravan
 9   Rock-ballad
10  Harmonics
11  The mill is rattling
12  … from grandfathers songbook III
      The Bi-Ba-Butzemann
      Comes a bird on his flight
      My hat, he has three edges
13  Cats-blues
14  Waltz in d
15  A brigde over the Main
16  Railway-boogie
17  Childrens' game
18  Street walk
19  Minka
20  The mole
21  cockchafer love
22  … from grandfathers songbook IV
     Oh when the Saints
     All the birds are already here
     Happy Birthday
     A little man in the forest
23  Flamenco
24  Echo-games
25  Boogie in sexths
26  Greensleeves
27  Menuet
28  Tango habanera
29  Crazy!?
30  Bella Bimba
31  Allemande
32  Continuing circles
33  Song on Jerusalem
34  Gavotte
35  Romance in rock
36  Oh Susanna
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